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Day 62 journal- Kuala Lumpur/ Shah Alam

October 20, 2016

Today we went with a person o a place called I-City. It had lights handing from every tree and rides to go on. We stood for about thirty minutes watching a color changing fountain. I was going to do this jungle gym thing, but then they said I was too tall. It wasn’t cool because the supervisor that helped my sister go around the course, was taller than me. Instead I did some ride where you drive a car around with no tracks. It was really fun. Afterwards, we learned you can not get ice cream from KFC and then went home in the heavy traffic.

Day 61 Journal- Kuala Lumpur/Shah Alam

October 19, 2016

That night we went with someone we met to a restaurant  on the street. Most people drank tea or coffee, not water, so we had to drink boiling water that was used for tea. If you ever do this, bring your own water if you are going to want some. We ate this famous soup around there, that has some kind of meat drenched in sauce. It is delicious and a must do in Kuala Lumpur. Afterward, we decided to go get some satay because my brother didn’t eat any of the soup. He is a very picky eater, and hates about half the things normal people like. The satay here is also a must try and the soda is very cheap, if you want Sprite, Fanta, or Coke.

Day 59- Kuala Lumpur or Shah Alam

October 17, 2016

Today we woke up very early because we were going to see Batu Caves! We took the train there because it has its own stop. Traffic is very bad here so its best to take the Metro or Train. The train is so slow we called it the “snail train” it took us a good hour to get there. When we got off the train we walked a little. As you round the corner you will see it. its a giant cave with about 200 stairs leading up to the entrance. Monkeys are climbing on the walls and on the railings of the stairs. People have little stands selling keychains and whatnot. Next to the stairs is a massive golden statue. It was being painted when we were there so it had scalding on- so sad- but it was cool any ways. At the top of the stairs it its slippery with water that falls from the ceiling. In the middle of the cave there is a room full with food, where the people worship. On on side of the cave, it is covered in plants and the monkeys hid in there. One man shot a fire cracker at the plants and then a bunch on monkeys, some with babies, come climbing down to the room with food. Apparently we got there in time to see the monkeys eat. The monkeys are dangerous though. On tried to bite my sisters foot and another was being fed a banana by a man and the monkey grabbed it and when it was finished, chased the man around for another.

After the cave we went on a tour around another cave. This one had thin walls and was pitch black. We learned a lot about bats and their poop. We also learned about spiders and other insects around Malaysia.  We tried to spot a funnel spider, but sadly, they were hiding. My mom was very glad about that. I wasn’t though, Funnel Spiders are my favorite. That day was great and was super fun!

Day 50 journal- Kuala Lumpur or Shah Alam

Today we had to go to the post office to go and pick up my sister and brother’s kindles. We called an Uber and drove to the post office. It took one hour. Traffic was terrible like always. The airport was a long way though and the “Pos” as they call it, was right across the street. Also, the office had a weird entry, so we rode round and round until we figured out how to get in. When we got there we spent one hour trying to get the package. We went to four counter and it took forever. Then we had one hour back. It was nuts. We went home and opened the package. We found halloween treats inside. I’m not saying it was worth it.

Day 48 journal- Kuala Lumpur or Shah Alam

October 6, 2016

Today we woke up really early because we had to ride a bus. We walked to the bus station where we ate rolls and muffins. We drove one hour and twenty minutes then got out to go through customs. Then we got in the car and I fell asleep for three hours and then got up for a bathroom break. Then I fell asleep again. (If you ever take this bus you should fall asleep, it passes the time. Also if you are hungry when you stop for the bathroom break then you should have Singapore dollars or the Malaysian Ringit because they do not take credit card.) When we got out of the bus, finally, we waited for a driver. He got there and told us traffic was very bad. we got in the car and drove three hours to a place that was supposed to be twenty minutes away. When we got there we found we were living in a high rise on the 30th floor. I got my own room also! YAY!!!!!!

Day 47 journal- Singapore

October 5, 2016

Today my dad let me sleep in a little longer. We were going to go to the River Safari. (This is totally recommended. It is like a zoo but better.) We packed lunches and walked to the SMRT. It took us 45 minutes to ride the “snail train” as we call it. After we got on a bus and rode it 15 minutes to the safari. We got out and looked around for a long time. We sat and watched the lemurs for about one hour. We watched them eat and jumped over a tree over and over again. I touched a starfish and a crab in the touch pool. We went through the  monkey forest and saw giant monkey and pandas. My favorite animal was the red panda. We saw sharks with lumps on their noses and a land fish. With the package we bought we got to go on a boat tour. (NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!) it was super boring and we saw no animals. We rode on a ride like splash mountain without the drops. In the end we went home and packed our suitcases.

4 days in Singapore

Day 46 journal- Singapore

October 4, 2016

My dad woke me up at 7:00 am this morning so that we could go on a hop on-hop off bus. We all bustled about steeply and found we were thirty-five minutes late. We rushed to the SMRT and got on. When we got to our destination we got out and used the bathroom. WE spent a long time int he tourist center trying to figure things out. Afterwards we got on a bright, orange, double-decker bus. We were the first ones on but before 9:00 the bus was almost full. We passed the famous Merlion Statue. My mom was vey upset we missed it. We passed more sites we didn’t want to see. At the China Town stop we got off and got dragged around by my mom. My sister got a fan and we looked everywhere for some legos for my brother. We ate lunch at Maxwell street. We caught another bus and rode it all the way back. Back at the station we rode over to Gardens by the Bay and bought tickets to go into the Cloud Forests (Highly recommended- it has the worlds tallest indoor waterfall!) and the Flower Dome (Great for people who love looking at flowers and bushes carved into plants.) We decided to do the Cloud Forest first. Inside the waterfall made steam that looked like clouds. We rode lots of escalators to the top floor and walked down it. The Flower Dome was a very quick walk through of plants and animals made of leaves. After we went back to China Town for dinner. Some twenty-five minutes later, we went back to Gardens by the Bay for the night tour. (Not recommended, just told us what we already know about Singapore. In the end you watched the Light Show and if you have already watched it, it’s not so fun because it is the same show) The place they let us off at the end of the tour was right by a McDonalds so we got ice cream cones and took the SMRT home.

Day 44 journal- Singapore

October 2, 2016

Today was supposed to be church but in the states it was General Conference so we held off. We watched Studio C for quite a while. My mom and I also walked down to a 7 eleven for breakfast. When we got back, we ate our breakfast and waited for a load of laundry to be done. The we slipped on our flip flops and got out of the house. For lunch we ate at some restaurant where we went in and pointed at a few random things because we couldn’t read what they were. After, we walked to the subway station and rode one to Gardens By the Bay. (Totally recommended- and bring swimming suits, awesome water park:) We saw statues and plants, we played at a kids park, and ate satay for dinner. My favorite part of the day (and this also totally recommended) was the light show. (There is one show at 6:45 or something like that and 7:45) It only lasts like ten minutes but it is awesome! When the light show was finished, we went home.

Day 43 journal- Singapore

October 1, 2016

Today we were going to Singapore! Our flight was at 12:00 so we had to be at 10:00. We had Arroz Caldo and egg for breakfast and we also had ice pops. Then we took a van to the airport. We checked our baggage and then waited for our flight. We landed in Manila and we were so hungry. And you won’t believe what we found! A Wendy’s! Out of the middle of nowhere! We sat down and waited for a waiter. We got served by a man wedding makeup. He also got our order wrong and gave my dad ice tea instead of coke. He also gave us sprites instead of frosties. Then we checked out the lego store and then took a bus to terminal one and had the worst dinner ever! We watched Studio C until our flight at 9:45.  On the plane I was so tired so I fell asleep. At two in the morning we landed and got a taxi home. Then I went to bed again.