Day 46 journal- Singapore

October 4, 2016

My dad woke me up at 7:00 am this morning so that we could go on a hop on-hop off bus. We all bustled about steeply and found we were thirty-five minutes late. We rushed to the SMRT and got on. When we got to our destination we got out and used the bathroom. WE spent a long time int he tourist center trying to figure things out. Afterwards we got on a bright, orange, double-decker bus. We were the first ones on but before 9:00 the bus was almost full. We passed the famous Merlion Statue. My mom was vey upset we missed it. We passed more sites we didn’t want to see. At the China Town stop we got off and got dragged around by my mom. My sister got a fan and we looked everywhere for some legos for my brother. We ate lunch at Maxwell street. We caught another bus and rode it all the way back. Back at the station we rode over to Gardens by the Bay and bought tickets to go into the Cloud Forests (Highly recommended- it has the worlds tallest indoor waterfall!) and the Flower Dome (Great for people who love looking at flowers and bushes carved into plants.) We decided to do the Cloud Forest first. Inside the waterfall made steam that looked like clouds. We rode lots of escalators to the top floor and walked down it. The Flower Dome was a very quick walk through of plants and animals made of leaves. After we went back to China Town for dinner. Some twenty-five minutes later, we went back to Gardens by the Bay for the night tour. (Not recommended, just told us what we already know about Singapore. In the end you watched the Light Show and if you have already watched it, it’s not so fun because it is the same show) The place they let us off at the end of the tour was right by a McDonalds so we got ice cream cones and took the SMRT home.