Day 47 journal- Singapore

October 5, 2016

Today my dad let me sleep in a little longer. We were going to go to the River Safari. (This is totally recommended. It is like a zoo but better.) We packed lunches and walked to the SMRT. It took us 45 minutes to ride the “snail train” as we call it. After we got on a bus and rode it 15 minutes to the safari. We got out and looked around for a long time. We sat and watched the lemurs for about one hour. We watched them eat and jumped over a tree over and over again. I touched a starfish and a crab in the touch pool. We went through the ¬†monkey forest and saw giant monkey and pandas. My favorite animal was the red panda. We saw sharks with lumps on their noses and a land fish. With the package we bought we got to go on a boat tour. (NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!) it was super boring and we saw no animals. We rode on a ride like splash mountain without the drops. In the end we went home and packed our suitcases.

4 days in Singapore