Day 59- Kuala Lumpur or Shah Alam

October 17, 2016

Today we woke up very early because we were going to see Batu Caves! We took the train there because it has its own stop. Traffic is very bad here so its best to take the Metro or Train. The train is so slow we called it the “snail train” it took us a good hour to get there. When we got off the train we walked a little. As you round the corner you will see it. its a giant cave with about 200 stairs leading up to the entrance. Monkeys are climbing on the walls and on the railings of the stairs. People have little stands selling keychains and whatnot. Next to the stairs is a massive golden statue. It was being painted when we were there so it had scalding on- so sad- but it was cool any ways. At the top of the stairs it its slippery with water that falls from the ceiling. In the middle of the cave there is a room full with food, where the people worship. On on side of the cave, it is covered in plants and the monkeys hid in there. One man shot a fire cracker at the plants and then a bunch on monkeys, some with babies, come climbing down to the room with food. Apparently we got there in time to see the monkeys eat. The monkeys are dangerous though. On tried to bite my sisters foot and another was being fed a banana by a man and the monkey grabbed it and when it was finished, chased the man around for another.

After the cave we went on a tour around another cave. This one had thin walls and was pitch black. We learned a lot about bats and their poop. We also learned about spiders and other insects around Malaysia. ¬†We tried to spot a funnel spider, but sadly, they were hiding. My mom was very glad about that. I wasn’t though, Funnel Spiders are my favorite. That day was great and was super fun!