Day 46 journal- Singapore

October 4, 2016

My dad woke me up at 7:00 am this morning so that we could go on a hop on-hop off bus. We all bustled about steeply and found we were thirty-five minutes late. We rushed to the SMRT and got on. When we got to our destination we got out and used the bathroom. WE spent a long time int he tourist center trying to figure things out. Afterwards we got on a bright, orange, double-decker bus. We were the first ones on but before 9:00 the bus was almost full. We passed the famous Merlion Statue. My mom was vey upset we missed it. We passed more sites we didn’t want to see. At the China Town stop we got off and got dragged around by my mom. My sister got a fan and we looked everywhere for some legos for my brother. We ate lunch at Maxwell street. We caught another bus and rode it all the way back. Back at the station we rode over to Gardens by the Bay and bought tickets to go into the Cloud Forests (Highly recommended- it has the worlds tallest indoor waterfall!) and the Flower Dome (Great for people who love looking at flowers and bushes carved into plants.) We decided to do the Cloud Forest first. Inside the waterfall made steam that looked like clouds. We rode lots of escalators to the top floor and walked down it. The Flower Dome was a very quick walk through of plants and animals made of leaves. After we went back to China Town for dinner. Some twenty-five minutes later, we went back to Gardens by the Bay for the night tour. (Not recommended, just told us what we already know about Singapore. In the end you watched the Light Show and if you have already watched it, it’s not so fun because it is the same show) The place they let us off at the end of the tour was right by a McDonalds so we got ice cream cones and took the SMRT home.

Day 44 journal- Singapore

October 2, 2016

Today was supposed to be church but in the states it was General Conference so we held off. We watched Studio C for quite a while. My mom and I also walked down to a 7 eleven for breakfast. When we got back, we ate our breakfast and waited for a load of laundry to be done. The we slipped on our flip flops and got out of the house. For lunch we ate at some restaurant where we went in and pointed at a few random things because we couldn’t read what they were. After, we walked to the subway station and rode one to Gardens By the Bay. (Totally recommended- and bring swimming suits, awesome water park:) We saw statues and plants, we played at a kids park, and ate satay for dinner. My favorite part of the day (and this also totally recommended) was the light show. (There is one show at 6:45 or something like that and 7:45) It only lasts like ten minutes but it is awesome! When the light show was finished, we went home.

Day 43 journal- Singapore

October 1, 2016

Today we were going to Singapore! Our flight was at 12:00 so we had to be at 10:00. We had Arroz Caldo and egg for breakfast and we also had ice pops. Then we took a van to the airport. We checked our baggage and then waited for our flight. We landed in Manila and we were so hungry. And you won’t believe what we found! A Wendy’s! Out of the middle of nowhere! We sat down and waited for a waiter. We got served by a man wedding makeup. He also got our order wrong and gave my dad ice tea instead of coke. He also gave us sprites instead of frosties. Then we checked out the lego store and then took a bus to terminal one and had the worst dinner ever! We watched Studio C until our flight at 9:45.  On the plane I was so tired so I fell asleep. At two in the morning we landed and got a taxi home. Then I went to bed again.

Day 42 journal- Palawan Philippines

September 30, 2016

This morning I ate pancakes and hung around the house until lunchtime. After lunch we walked down to the hut. It soon began to pour. When we walked back to the house in a few hours it was still raining. Then there was a brown out for like thirty minutes. Twenty minutes later the lights turned out again and we played hearts in the dark. The second brown out lasted for like two hours.

Day 41 journal- Palawan, Starfish Island, Luli Island, and Cowri Island

September 29, 2016

This morning my dad woke me up at 6:30 am to go island hopping. The night before we had packed lunches, laid out swimming suits and clothes, and got towels and water bottles prepared. We were supposed to meet our tricycle guy at 7:00 so at seven we walked out the door. He was waiting for us outside so we piled in and drove to go and get snorkels. At the snorkel place my dad got kind-of upset because the prices were expensive and they did not have the kind of snorkel he wanted. They also persuaded him to buy shoes for use because they said there was lots of sharp things to step on. When all was paid for we rode the tricycle to the boat dock. When we got to the boat dock we found cheaper snorkels. My dad was so angry! Before we got on the boat we paid so fees and then we boarded. We were the only people in the boat. When we were driving to the fist island, a man dropped a recite in the water and we had to turn back and get it. The snorkel gear was uncomfortable but it was worth it. Underneath the water was thousands of colorful fish gliding gracefully about. Our boat driver gave us some bread and we fed the fish out of our hands. After awhile my mask started to leak so I swam back to shore. I started to build a sand castle until we had to go to the next island. This one was supposed to be white sand. The first thing we found there was a diving board and we took turns jumping off it into the water. We played in the hot, soft sand for hours until we had to go to our last and final island. We got there and we found dark clouds covering the sky. We ate lunch and played in the water until it started to rain and we heard thunder and lightning. We soon decided to leave. We went back to our house and found there was a brown out. We sat around wet because we wanted hot showers. We ate ice pops and waited. Best day ever!

Day 40 journal- Palawan Philippines

September 28, 2016

Today I woke up and played on my I-pad and then my mom commanded me to do my school work. Then I played dolls with my sister, reluctantly, and after I went to the hut while my dad did his podcast. My mom, my sister, my brother, and me played monopoly cards. I won once and my mom won once. Then we walked to a church and then took a tric to Robinsons. We got ice cream and went shopping. I also got a purse! Wahoo!

Day 35 journal- Palawan

September 24, 2016

Today was another slow day. We did a small amount of school and went swimming. The swimming pool was very big and very cold. There was a place to eat on the side of the pool and underneath the water there was a buda where we rubbed its head and belly for good luck. We needed some. There was a hot tub but it was more bubbles than hotness. The best part was the water chess we played. Plastic chess figures in about 1 1/2 foot water. The water in the small chess pool was very dirty and had several dead bugs and ants floating on its surface. We really wanted to go to the beach and so we took a path down to it. We got lost and we had to double back a couple times but we finally made it. It was the worst beach ever! and we had to pay to get in. We didn’t though. We persuaded the woman at the front counter to let us in for five minutes to let us look at it. We were glad we didn’t pay. A small beach with rocky sand and trash everywhere. The waves were hideously small. We walked back home, now knowing the way, and asked a tricycle driver if he would take us to an Italian restaurant. We ended up eating at the best place. We were the only ones there and the chef, a plump dude that was from Italy, actually came and had a chat with us. It was kind of hard to understand him through his accent though. The waiters taught us how to fold napkins into flower and I got the best pesto pasta ever! If you ever visit Palawan you should defiantly look for this place.

Day 33 journal- Palawan Philippines

September 23, 2016

In the morning I found out that my sister had a earache and my brother was sick and throwing up. That was quite a predicament, for we were supposed to ride a five hour bus and then a short plane ride.  Since I was the only one healthy I was allowed to go and get breakfast with my dad. As we started out, some hotel employees came and told us that they set up a breakfast table for us. We were taken aback because the breakfast was supposed to be 40 pesos per person, and we got it for free! They set bread and guava jam with a toaster and hot chocolate, Milo, packets. Milo is a very water but also very tasty. It is not very transcendent, but it’s very cheap. We all went back to the room and packed up the last iteams. Afterwards we went out to the street to flag down a bus. We waited about 25-30 minutes before the bus we wanted came. When it came we piled in, and since only about three seats were available, we had to double seats and take laps. On the bus I watched Star Trek. When the bus finally pulled into the terminal, we took a taxi to the airport. We ate dinner and flew to Palawan. It was late when we got to our hotel.

Day 32 journal- Oslob Philippines

September 21, 2016

We were finally leaving Dumaguette! We had to wake up really early again but that was ok! We hauled our luggage in a van an drove to the pier. It was pouring rain when we entered the boat terminal and we had to wait about 20 minutes in the waiting lounge until the boat came an then we waited 10 minutes until the boat was ready to take off. The boat was like 2x as large as a row boat and it was good it had an engine or else it would of taken all day to row to Liloan. The boat ride was only about 25-30 minutes long.  We were supposed to take a bus to our place, that was in Oslob, but some tricycle guys persuaded us into taking a tricycle. It was like a 30-40 minute ride and by the time we got to the hotel my bottom was asleep. When we walked into our room we were astounded! everything in the room was orange! everything! About 10 minutes later the our guide came and talked to us. Our original plan was to swim with whale sharks but it was 1000 pesos a piece (20 dollars) to swim or 500 pesos a piece (10 dollars) to stay in the boat. It was too expensive for us so we dropped that idea so instead we went snorkeling. At the pier we bought snorkel masks and pineapple. We waited about 20 minutes for the boat to arrive and then we rode 25 minutes to a blank piece of water. We got out and started. My mask was horrid! Water kept spilling in and hurting my eyes. But when we got it fixed, it was amazing! thousands of fish swam about in all colors of the rainbow. We snorkeled for 20 minutes and then we rode to an island and we played there for 2 hours. Then afterwards we took the boat back to  the dock.